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Salad is most often a cold dish that is prepared with a mixture of vegetable and animal products. Salad can be served as an independent snack, or in addition to other dishes on the table.

Salad ingredients

1. Green base — provides the dish with natural vitamins and trace elements.

2. The nutritional ingredient is the protein base of the salad, which provides the caloric content of the salad and allows it to be an independent snack on the table. In vegetarian recipes, this ingredient is not used.

3. Vegetables — are present in all salads, providing the dish with natural vitamins, as well as the green base in the salad.

4. Topping — this ingredient adds a piquant taste and attractive appearance to the salad.

5. Greens — added to the salad for flavor and giving the snack a complete taste.

6. Dressing — thanks to this ingredient, the salad is soaked and becomes homogeneous.

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