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Kvass Calculator

Specify the volume of water in multiples of 1 liter (it is possible to have a smaller multiplicity, this will also affect the number of ingredients)

Volume of water (in liters):
Kvass from black bread
Kvass from white bread
Kvass without yeast
Kvass with alcohol ("Drunk kvass")
Beet kvass

Homemade kvass

Kvass is a traditional Slavic and Baltic sour drink, which is prepared on the basis of fermentation from flour and malt or from dry rye bread, sometimes with the addition of fragrant herbs, honey, wax; it is also prepared from beets, fruits, berries.

The drink is nutritious, with a sour-sweet taste. Now it belongs to non-alcoholic, but in ancient times it could be equated with wine by strength. They used it daily. It was also a drink for special occasions, and also the inhabitants of Russia considered it curative.

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