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Specify the volume of water in multiples of 1 liter (it is possible to have a smaller multiplicity, this will also affect the number of ingredients)

Volume of water (in liters):
Compote of fresh berries
Frozen berry compote
Fresh fruit compote
Frozen fruit compote
Apple compote
Dried fruit compote
Raisin compote
Dried apricot compote

Homemade compote

Compote is a dessert drink made from fruits or berries, or a decoction of fruits in syrup, as well as a mixture of dried fruits or dried berries and fruits, or fruit or berry preserves.

Uzvar is a compote with a predominance of dried fruit grounds, which is not boiled, but only brought to a boil or infused. Thus, all the useful properties are preserved in the drink. Also, other names appeared among the people, such as: var, vvar and others.

Compote preserves the natural taste of fruits and berries, quenches thirst well. Most compotes are prepared using sugar, but this ingredient is optional. Compotes are cooked from all edible fruits and berries.

Tips for compote preparation:

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